Interaction Design Association

What is IxDA Tehran

Interaction Design Association (IxDA) Tehran is a local branch of the global IxDA community. IxDA Tehran is focused on nurturing and developing expertise in the discipline of interaction design. We bring together a community of people who are committed to creating meaningful relationships between people and the products and services that they use, from computers to mobile devices to appliances and beyond.


Every other month IxDA Tehran organises experts in the field to present concepts, case studies, practices and tools together for the general membership by presenters from a wide range of experiences. These are usually recorded and offered on the IxDA Tehran YouTube channel. In addition, we organise several one off presentations, panel discussions, fireside chats and partnered events with conferences and festivals like Usability Day, UX IRAN and Directions.


Every alternate month, IxDA Tehran organises affordable workshops with local and international facilitators and our team of volunteer workshop assistants. These are very hands on and participatory. Notice will be posted here as well as announced via the mailing list and on Twitter. All workshops are designed to deliver practical techniques and actionable insights for people to make use of in their workplace.

IxDA Tehran Mentoring

Good mentoring relationships can be a rewarding and mutually beneficial experience for both the mentor and mentee. Being a mentor is an opportunity for you to enhance your own skills, develop leadership and management qualities, gain credibility in the industry and widen your network. It is also a chance to help a willing learner move forward in their careers. Volunteer to help change someone’s world and your own. Contact us on to register.